Diesel Fuel Maintenance

Fuel Maintenance

In early 2009, the entire Western world, underwent a silent revolution in the field of diesel fuel for transport.

New strict standards were introduced that led to a modification in the chemical structure of the fuel in relation to the diesel fuel used prior to that year.

The removal of the sulfur and introduction of various additives in order to fill the gaps created by this removal created a diesel fuel that requires maintenance.

While in the past the fuel’s shelf life was almost unlimited, today it begins to break down about three months after leaving the refinery.

While in the past water and fuel were separate, today they mix together and form an emulsion.

The secondary manifestations that were added to the process are an accelerated accumulation of rust in the fuel tanks, oxidization, dilution of the additives and accelerated development of biological growths in the tank.

On the other side of the process, in recent years engines have undergone impressive technological development that makes them very sensitive to contaminated fuel and this results in many unexpected engine breakdowns, extensive loss of fuel, and loss of expensive spare parts.

In the case of an engine serving as an emergency energy supply, the anticipated damage arrives at the time of turning on the engine with consequent causing of very heavy damages.

Many companies invest tremendous amounts in building an emergency energy system, which is entirely diesel fuel-based, from the actual generators to the synchronization systems and electricity and fuel infrastructures.

All these lose their value when the diesel fuel is not properly maintained. The fuel is the energy source that drives the diesel engines. In the absence of proper maintenance, the combustion process is disrupted and the engine stops working.

PDSES diesel maintenance systems were developed after many years of experience in handling fuel and provide a complete solution to all the challenges facing anyone with an emergency or operating fuel tank.

Installation of a system on the tank makes the need for replacement of the diesel or maintenance of the tank unnecessary for years, maintains the engine and the diesel fuel system in order and ready for any routine or emergency engine ignition.

PDSES filtering systems are characterized by low purchase and maintenance costs, complete automation, simple user interface and very high reliability.

We developed the systems and registered an international patent for them; they are produced in Europe and sold world-wide.

Installation of a filtering system allows control of the emergency energy system and guarantees peace of mind as regards operation and long-term reliability.

The systems are adapted to different tank sizes from 1000 L to 1,000,000 L. In the future we will complete development of systems for giant tanks, of over 1,000,000 L.

Cleaning Diesel Fuel Tanks

PDSES provides diesel fuel tank cleaning and operating services for every tank size.

The service includes cleaning of the fuel tank with a unique technology that does not require shutting down of the fuel tank, replacement of filters, installation / replacement of breathers, sampling of fuel, additives, painting, etc.

The work is carried out by an experienced and qualified Logia team with all the required safety certificates.

PDS rents centrifuge vacuum machines for liquid separation and industrial cleaning

PDS specializes in separations of solids from liquids- Decanter / Tri canter (solid / liquid two-phase, solid / heavy liquid / three-phase light liquid)

Marine excavation in reservoirs

Cleaning water reservoirs and streams

Dragging – cleaning the bottoms of streams, lakes, and water reservoirs. Squeezing the sludge and cleaning the reservoirs.


 Two-phase separation of solids and liquids
The canter is a fast sediment – the centrifuge decanter is made of a cylindrical drum that rotates at fast speeds and inside is a snail that rotates at a slightly different speed

Tri canter

Three-phase separation further development on the standard centrifuge, which allows separation of liquid and solid, to separate another phase of emulsion oil, fuels, etc.

Sludge removal and hazardous materials, cleaning water reservoirs and streams.

 Dragging – cleaning the bottoms of streams, lakes, and water reservoirs. Squeezing the sludge and cleaning the reservoirs.

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Fueling Reliability, Powering Performance: PDS Environmental Services – Your Trusted Environmental Partner. Sold Worldwide.

Welcome to PDS Environmental Services, where we lead the way in revolutionizing the fuel polishing industry. Since the early days of 2009, we’ve witnessed a silent revolution in diesel fuel standards, driving us to develop innovative solutions for modern challenges.

With the introduction of new, strict standards, the chemical structure of diesel fuel changed significantly. The removal of sulfur and the addition of various additives created a fuel that requires meticulous maintenance. Unlike in the past, where fuel had an almost unlimited shelf life, today’s diesel fuel begins to degrade after just three months post-refinery.

Another significant change is the emulsification of water and fuel, a stark contrast to the days when they remained separate. This change presents unique challenges that demand advanced solutions. At PDS Environmental Services, we’ve embraced these challenges, developing cutting-edge fuel polishing systems that ensure your diesel remains in pristine condition.

Our systems not only address the maintenance needs of modern diesel fuel but also offer cost-effective solutions. We understand the importance of keeping your fuel clean and efficient, and our systems are designed to do just that. Join us in shaping the future of fuel polishing.

For over 40 years, we have been providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to comply with EPA regulations, helping sewage treatment plants and industrial plants separate liquids, fuels, and oils with precision and speed. As experts in decanter and tri canter centrifuges, we specialize in separating solids from liquids, offering a range of services, including rental of centrifuge vacuum machines, dry pumping, dust pumping, hazardous material pumping, and much more. With equipment supplied by the Koks Corporation, we utilize the Mega-Vac tool for efficient and effective pumping, even for deep vacuum pumping without liquids.

In addition, we offer rental of storage tanks for the Petrochemical Industries, municipal authorities, and water corporations, with a fleet of machines up to 1500 CF. Our skilled professional staff is available round-the-clock for repair, maintenance, 
and spare parts services, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your separation needs are in good hands. Our satisfied customer base includes refineries, chemical plants, desalination facilities, water and cement production corporations, and private customers, who trust us to bring our vast experience and the latest technologies to their separation processes. 

We maintain our own machines with trained mechanics and specialists, ensuring that they are always in top condition. At PDS Environmental Services, our mission is to provide you with the best separation solutions and services that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.



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